Trudy enables business families to grow and succeed by connecting family members to what is really important to them; opening the lines of communication and improving listening levels. As a Communication Specialist, Trudy creates a conversational environment such that conflict is reduced - even leveraged - while increasing understanding and collaboration. Trudy is a FAMILY ENTERPRISE ADVISOR™ and a Certified Executive Coach specializing in facilitating communication, specifically the difficult conversations for succession and continuity planning. Trudy utilizes a “coach approach” to facilitation, which enhances communication capability and effectiveness as a key leadership skill for family members and leaders. As a facilitator of Meaningful Dialogue™, frank conversations about the tough issues, Trudy ensures each person is heard, seen and understood. She works with business families to resolve emotionally charged issues, navigate complexities and shift rivalry for continuity planning.

Trudy supports families who wish to achieve alignment, harmony and unity by leading strategic conversations including vision, mission and values; both in business and family. She empowers people through transitions to bring their “best selves” to the process while taking on the real challenges of succession planning, next generation leadership development and creating structures and agreements for family meetings, governance and advisory boards. Given no two families are the same, Trudy’s adaptive approach helps business families gain strength and focus, preparing them to progress in a way that works for the unique challenges their family may be facing.

“Often, people have their own answers; and when they discover it for themselves, they own it. It just takes the right question(s). That is the unique opportunity and difference in working with Trudy.”


Join Trudy on June 9th at 10:15 am for The Language of Accountability Seminar.


Eliot's reputation is known for being one of the world’s expert sales performance speakers and persuasive linguistics coaches. He is highly sought after for his fun, fast paced and exciting presentation style, filled with real life examples, demonstrations and magic to deliver an entertaining and motivational experience for everyone! Eliot leads the audience through powerful communication techniques and teaches
everyone how to quickly interpret the behavior and attitude of others. He also presents a wide range of everyday clues which appear in meetings, phone calls, negotiations and face-to-face encounters - and what to do about them.

Eliot also shows the critical importance of paying attention to your own body language and how to avoid projecting the wrong signals which can send mixed messages, create misunderstandings and lead to conflict in the workplace. His highly powerful presentations are relevant to any area of life that involves winning people over and getting them to co-operate with you, follow you, like you, buy from you or simply say “yes”.

Join Eliot on June 9th at 12:30 pm for The Body Language Influence: The Science of Silence.



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