June 25, 2020

Firm focusing on Physicians joins DFK Canada

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DFK Canada’s diverse membership has been enhanced with the addition of a firm which specialises in accounting and financial expertise for physicians and health care providers.

Flaim Wolsey Hall (FWH) based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has joined DFK Canada to help manage the next stage in the firm’s development.

The firm was founded in 2003 by John Flaim and Don Wolsey, and the arrival of David Hall in 2014 was the trigger for FWH to focus on physicians, meeting their tax and accounting needs as well as providing financial navigation for life.

Managed by the three partners, the firm of 18 has developed a successful blueprint for the niche market, identifying patterns and bringing products to market to respond to client needs, which has resulted in double growth every five years. 

They are now looking to the firm’s future transition and believe DFK Canada’s focus on providing members with a forum to share ideas and expertise will be of benefit, particularly around practice management.

John Flaim said: “We have a highly-knowledgeable team with the technical expertise to service our niche market and have grown at a robust pace, but recognise that we could benefit greatly from support with practice management.

“We are at that point in time where the existing partners will probably retire within a decade.  That’s a big transition and we want to make sure we are putting our focus and resources into ensuring the company’s viability in the longer term.

“Through our research, we felt that DFK Canada would be a great fit for our Atlantic practice.  Even from the earliest days as members, we have been welcomed to the group and we are seeing the benefits to our membership.  It has been fantastic to have weekly calls with other managing partners and to be able to share ideas and experiences.

“I think what we can bring to the table is our blueprint for a niche market.  Even though we deal primarily with doctors and health care providers, our approach in terms of our services, processes and products to market can be efficiently replicated in other areas, whether hospitality or construction.”

DFK Canada has now grown to 14 independent member firms offering a diverse range of accounting and financial services to clients across a broad range of sectors, and through DFK International can access a global membership to help operate and grow internationally.

John added: “Our clients are perhaps unlike other sectors in that their business is not conducted internationally but, through DFK International, we would be able to provide them with a safe landing if they were to exit Canada and similarly, we have the expertise to help doctors coming here to navigate our tax system.”

Nigel Jacobs, President of DFK Canada, said: “We are delighted that Flaim Wolsey Hall has joined DFK and provided us once again with a presence in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Their culture, focus on client service and niche expertise fits in perfectly with the rest of our Canadian firms. We look forward to sharing our resources and also learning from Flaim Wolsey Hall in areas that they excel in.”

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