August 15, 2023

DFK International Firm Of The Year

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A Canadian accountancy firm which prides itself in adding personality to its practice has been named as DFK International’s Firm of the Year 2023.

Davis Martindale was presented with the prestigious award in recognition of the firm’s contribution and commitment to the association at DFK International’s annual conference held in Miami, Florida.

The firm joined DFK in 2007 and has been actively involved in the association ever since, ensuring that staff members across all levels of the business have a strong knowledge of DFK and its culture.

Davis Martindale Partner of Global Services Paul Panabaker is currently serving on the DFK Canada Board of Directors. He previously served six years as VP America’s and International Board, DFK Canada President, and chaired the International Marketing Committee.

The firm is well-represented at both DFK Canada and global conferences and makes a significant contribution to DFK committees, achieving 100 per cent attendance at all committee meetings last year.

It currently has Dana Noble serving as chair of DFK Canada’s marketing committee and sitting on the international marketing committee and Ron Martindale as chair of DFK’s international valuation committee and Louise Poole acting as chair of the DFK Canada valuations committee.

Managing Partner Rick Santos is also set to take over as the chair of the DFK Canada managing partners committee in September.

Davis Martindale was presented with the award by DFK International’s outgoing President Harriet Greenberg, who praised the firm for being at the forefront of DFK engagement on all levels and working on inbound referrals as if they were its own clients.

Paul Panabaker, of Davis Martindale, said: “We are honoured to be named DFK International Firm of the Year 2023. DFK is very much a part of our corporate culture, right from managing partner to our associates. We promote it, we encourage it, and we value all of the resources that we receive from all DFK members.

“The DFK network is incredibly far-reaching and enables us to connect with like-minded firms right across the world to network, share best practice and discuss innovative ideas around pertinent topics such as AI.

“As independent firms, DFK also provides us with the opportunity to connect with others in our specific industry areas to share knowledge on the challenges we face and how to overcome these, and it is interesting to see that you could be based at a firm anywhere from Portugal to London, Ontario, and still be facing the same issues.

“DFK also enables us to make referrals to other members and provide our clients with invaluable international support while knowing that they will be working with firms with similar values and ethos.

“I would like to thank the whole DFK team as well as colleagues right across Davis Martindale – this award is testament to them and all of their hard work.”

Bill Wright, Executive Director of DFK International, said: “I would like to congratulate Davis Martindale on being presented with DFK’s most prestigious award.

“The award is given to firms which stand out as a prime example of DFK global leadership, and Davis Martindale has consistently demonstrated its strong commitment to the association for many years.

“They engage DFK into all levels of the firm and have extensive involvement in DFK activities within their national group, within their region, and around the world. They are extremely worthy recipients of the 2023 Firm of the Year award.”

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