November 30, 2022

Congratulations to the recent successful CFE and MQE writers of DFK Canada Firms!

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DFK Canada Firms and their staff have had some amazing successes so far this year. Congratulations to all successful CFE writers from the recent exam sitting!
CFE Writers:

Jay Aasen (Buckberger Baerg, Saskatoon, SK)
Omaid Adab (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Omer Ahmad (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Sheldon Beierle (Buckberger Baerg, Saskatoon, SK)
Annick Bélanger (Dallaire Forest Kirouac, Quebec City, QC)
Logan Brown (KMSS, Calgary, AB)
Mykaela Buhr (Buckberger Baerg, Saskatoon, SK)
Kirsten Chickowski (Buckberger Baerg, Saskatoon, SK)
Tanner Cimino (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Michael Clonfero (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Julia Cooke (GGFL, Ottawa, ON)
Americo Dean (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Christiaan De Vos (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Demi Doyle (GGFL, Ottawa, ON)
April Elemento (KMSS, Calgary, AB)
Morgan Fedrau (Buckberger Baerg, Saskatoon, SK)
Tess Fulford (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Madison Gregory (Noseworthy Chapman, St. John's, NL)
Gurpreet Hundal (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Mary Ignacio (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Ash Jaiswal (Taylor Leibow, Hamilton, ON)
Omar Kalim (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Amy Kitt (KMSS, Calgary, AB)
Connor Krause (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Ariane Lafontaine (Dallaire Forest Kirouac, Quebec City, QC)
Samantha Maisonneuve (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Emily Millson (Davis Martindale, London, ON)
Jessica Padovan (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Jonathan Pelletier (Buckberger Baerg, Saskatoon, SK)
Bryce Rankel (KMSS, Calgary, AB)
Krista Riddle (Noseworthy Chapman, St. John's, NL)
Shams Sadruddin (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Kevin Shumard (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Gareena Thapar (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Carol-Anne Vallée (Dallaire Forest Kirouac, Quebec City, QC)
Roger Van Beek (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Jasjot Virk (KRP, Edmonton, AB)
Mark Whitteron (KMSS, Calgary, AB)

DFK Canada congratulates all of the writers and acknowledges their hard work and dedication to the process and the Accounting profession. 

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